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Turtle Kayak Kailua Welcome to Kayaking Kailua! This page has all the information you need to plan a great kayaking trip in Kailua Bay. Kailua is a great place with a lot of different options for travelers and locals alike. While Kailua is already an ideal location as a small beach town with a great variety of shops and eateries; the nearby coast is what makes Kailua a must-see destination.  The turquoise bay is home to several offshore islands that are easily reachable by kayak. After launching your kayak into the bay’s protected waters, you can head straight out to Flat Island, or Popoi`a. This island is made entirely of fossilized coral and is home to a fascinating variety of birds and animals. Popoi`a and the other islands in the bay are wildlife sanctuaries protected by the state and are extremely important to sustaining native Hawai`ian species and resources. When visiting these islands it’s important to respect the land and its inhabitants and to stay on the marked paths. After walking around the island’s perimeter trail, you can get back in your kayak and head to Lanikai. Lanikai Beach is an amazing place to swim, snorkel, or just lay on the sand with a view worthy of a photo! The coral heads just off shore are home to many Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, and Lanikai is considered the best snorkel spot on the Windward Side.

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For more adventurous paddlers, the Mokulua Islands or “Twin Islands” are a great destination. The Mokuluas, Moku Nui and Moku Iki, are the jewels of Kailua Bay and an icon in Hawai`i. After a fun hour of paddling, you arrive at the secluded pristine white sand beach of Moku Nui, the left island and the only island that you can land on. This is an amazing place for a picnic lunch, and the hike around the right side of the island is not to be missed. When there are waves they hit the rocky backside of the island or wrap around the island from both sides and break right in front of the beach. These waves are a sight-to-see and are  frequented by local surfers.  After you have enjoyed the beach, a short walk to the right side of the island will reveal Queen’s Bath, a beautiful tidal pool for you to swim in. Ancient Hawai`ians believed this pool to have rejuvenative properties, perfect after a long paddle! Jump in and see if it works!

Kailua Bay is an ideal destination for all types of individuals and a perfect family day at the beach. With one visit you have several fun options to take advantage of and kayaking should be on the top of your list!

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